I have the WAW Effect

Monday 4th March 2019 | By WaW Admin

How do you calm yourself down when days are hot like the Kalahari Desert and the nights cold like the winter? How do you comfort yourself to have the boldness to face each day? How do you restore the confidence in life that everything will be alright?

One of my hottest days was on a Saturday afternoon when my salary was delayed. I was walking down the streets of Nairobi town. It was a hot afternoon. I was lost in my thoughts about bills I wasn’t able to pay up yet they were overdue

My rent was due in a few days’ time. The housing agent in our residential area. Waah!! He is just on another level!! My shopping was running out and I did not know how to meet the daily transport to work.

I was sinking in anxiety and pressure of meeting bills; I barely knew how I could meet. I was overwhelmed. Then suddenly, I heard a loud voice from my back. ”Get out of the road!!” A male voice shouted. “What is a lady as young as you thinking about?” the driver questioned.

In shock, it hit me that I was crossing the road unconsciously with my thoughts clouding my head. Thankfully, I was not involved in an accident with the vehicle.

When I arrived in my house in the evening, I rushed to the washroom to do a personal business (This is a ritual I love). I removed my phone in my pocket to keep me busy while my body was taking its natural form.

On my whatsapp, I opened the text message from my friend- Angela- which said; “Wake Up Another Woman to and enable her to live life Awakened.” Attached to it was a link, which I was suspicious but curious about it at the same time.

So I clicked on the link.

I landed in a whatsapp group of women dubbed WAW Women. I found it quite interesting. The women in the group were discussing about a camellite woman. This woman named camellite felt and sounded like myself, since she is a woman who feels stuck in life because of financial hitches.

What a coincidence!! I was baffled for a moment.

The women were sharing about how they are using their humps just as the name camellite is derived from camel. It got me thinking. This being my hot day, could I be underestimating my abilities? I wondered what is in my hump?

While I was thinking about my hump, I realized I had to buy some vegetables form my mama soko before she closed her business. I rushed out to get some food but on my way back, I typed my input in the group.

So today, I want to wake another woman by inviting her to the group via this link. She will be enriched with real and deep conversations with other women who have become WAW women.

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